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"Not Listening"  

The ocean is a lady scorned.
Hell hath no fury like her.
She rises from the depths to the skies.
Turns the land into lakes.
She blames mortal men and there mistakes
for the condition of the world.

But we're not listening to her.
Seems we never really have.
We're not listening to her.
Do you think that she is mad?

The sun is an old man,
ancient and wise and strong.
He suffers fools not gladly.
He suffers fools not long.
He blames modern man and their wasteful ways
for the ozone layer's despair.

But we're not listening to him.
Seems we never really have.
We're not listening to him.
Do you think that makes him sad?

The ice cap is a legend
that has stood the test of time.
Majestic and proud and larger than life,
the ward hunt ice shelf stood 3000 years
and right before our very eyes
we've seen it disappear.

But we're not thinking about that.
We have so much to do.
How can we save the world
when we can hardly make it through?

Forest fires rip through our country,
destroying millions of hectares
of timber each year;
Killing thousands of animals,
from dear to squirrels to bears.

But we're not dwelling on that.
It's too sad to think about.
It's just a hopeless situation.
Surely someone will help the forests out.

And our creator looks down sadly.
His tears are in the rain.
Sometimes when we feel helpless
we can almost sense his pain.

Does he wonder why we continue,
to destroy the world he made?
Does he wonder why we don't care,
enough to change things now?

But we're not listening to the signs
he's sending everyday.
We're not listening...we're too busy!
What can one person really do anyway?

By wert rtrt