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Rules and Regulations
  1. Poems submitted must not exceed 1200 keystrokes, including the spaces between words. The submission form has been specially designed to accept submissions of 1200 keystrokes or less.

  2. Once poetry is submitted, an invoice (bill) will be sent to the poet. The poet will then need to return this invoice, together with a check or money order, prior to the deadline date, to be included in the upcoming publication. If no payment is received, the poem will not be published. Payment may be made by bank or credit card check, or bank or postal money order.

  3. Poems must be original works of submitters, and not be copied or plagiarized.

  4. Poems should be first time submissions and not have been previously published.

  5. Poems must not contain profanity or curse words, or they will be returned to submitter unpublished.

  6. We retain the right to decline the publishing of any poem for any reason which we deem to be necessary. If poem is declined, payment will be returned to poet.

  7. In the event of an overwhelming response for submission requests within any publication, we reserve the right to publish multiple volumes by the same title, or to place your poem in a poetry edition of another title. A minimum of 100 poems must be received for the book to be published

  8. We will strive to publish and deliver the book with your poem published in it to you within 90 days of receiving your payment.

  9. No poems will be returned to submitters. Please retain a copy of your poem for your records.

  10. We are not held responsible for payments that are lost in the mail. Therefore, please remit only checks or money orders by mail, no cash please.

  11. All entries must be submitted by persons 18 years of age or older. Otherwise permission of parent or guardian is required.

  12. All poems submitted are considered to be proof-read, copy-ready PROOFS, for "as is" submission in the poetry amalgamation.

  13. Poems must be published using your own name. We will not accept anonymous submissions.

  14. Refunds are not granted once poems are submitted and payment has been processed, so please make sure you would like to take part before submitting.

  15. It is understood that the quality of the various poems in the publication will vary from poem to poem and poet to poet. We will not publish poems which are racist or encourage violence, hatred, etc. We will also not publish poems which contain curse words, or rude or excessively sexually explicit content.

  16. This is an English only edition, so please submit poems in English only, or they will not be published.

  17. Questions and comments may be submitted to us at: our Contact page It may take us a few days to respond, depending on the number of enquiries we are receiving at the time. We will make every effort to respond to your questions as soon as we possibly can, as we appreciate each and every question and comment.

  18. The purpose of this publication is to allow a forum for expression of amateur poets. Perfect format, flawless spelling, and grammatical excellence are not a mandatory requirement. We want to give every poet a chance to be heard and to express themselves.

  19. This book is copyrighted and poets retain all rights to their own submissions.

  20. This book will not be available for sale in any store. It is available only to poets who made submissions in the publication, and to those who would like an edition (usually family and friends of the poets).

  21. Once the original edition of the book is printed and copies are sold, we generally do not print additional copies, so be sure to order the number of copies that you require upfront.